Emergency Services 

For when you need to get going, yesterday! I can immediately take the reigns on overseeing, directing and driving your marketing. Perhaps you need time to recruit a full time marketing team but need to begin strategic planning or RFP processes right now. Perhaps you are on course to miss a target and need some advice and strategic re-calibration in a hurry! Or maybe it's simply an investor presentation coming up and you need to propose marketing investment. Whatever you need as it relates to marketing, get in touch and we can work together on an hourly basis, minimal risk for you, minimal overhead for you, maximum impact and effectiveness.   

Virtual CMO 

I act on your behalf and in your interests, just as a full time CMO or VP of Marketing might but with less risk and total overhead for you. I can guide and lead your marketing team on an interim basis if you are have an unfilled vacancy at CMO. I will run your marketing effort for you until you find a longer term solution - meaning zero downtime for you.

Agency relationships, RFPs and introductions

In any capacity, you will always get the benefit of my global & local relationships and insider media industry knowledge.  But perhaps you specifically would like someone with experience to help you select vendors and deal with procurement. I've negotiated hundreds of contracts across media, PR, creative, eCRM and more, and can give you a second set of experienced eyes on rates and contracts before you sign! I'll be in your corner all the way. Maximum savings benefit, low overhead for you. 

Marketing Consultancy 

Simply help with any aspect of marketing you need, whether strategic or tactical. Initial consultation is free, so what do you have to lose? If you think you might need help, let's have a chat and find out! Maybe you do, maybe you don't - I will always give you the honest answer.

So how about a chat, with no obligation,

and we'll see if I can grow your business?